Florence + the Machine

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  • After clicking next repeatedley i've accepted that there is no more photos after this one :\ :L Anyhuw, Florence + the machine are truely amazing and inspiring! ^-^ xx

    Posted by Laura:] on Sun 05 Jun, 2011

  • Wow! I am really a big fan. Florence really inspires me. When I listen to her music, I get very many ideas. She is beautiful and so is her voice.

    Posted by saartjeMiauw16 on Sat 07 May, 2011

  • shes my lesbian crush :L

    Posted by LJSmith on Tue 05 Apr, 2011

  • ughh shes so amazing and beautiful :)

    Posted by lovelylittlechild on Fri 26 Nov, 2010

  • *hyperventilating*

    Posted by JeSs~ on Thu 28 Oct, 2010

  • so.incredibly.awesome.

    Posted by JeSs~ on Thu 26 Aug, 2010

  • i love her!!!

    Posted by stuntcat on Wed 04 Aug, 2010

  • wow:)

    Posted by ceciOp on Tue 01 Jun, 2010

  • hello

    Posted by miss.happy!!! on Mon 01 Mar, 2010

  • she's amazing, im getting my hiar done just like her! i want that woman so much!

    Posted by Rebeccaa on Tue 15 Dec, 2009

  • I love florences energy and her fabulous voice. She reminds me of Kate Bush with a hint of Alison Goldfrapp, who'm I love for their beautiful voices and quirky sexyness too. Can't wait to see her live !!!

    Posted by amanda barry on Tue 03 Nov, 2009

  • youre like some angelic demon of th most deranged kind still.. u look so lovely x

    Posted by scotty boy on Mon 19 Oct, 2009

  • This is a stunning image! I love it!

    Posted by Tomsinden on Thu 15 Oct, 2009

  • amazing, i love florence!

    Posted by ilovefandm on Fri 02 Oct, 2009

  • I love this

    Posted by inthistwilight on Fri 04 Sep, 2009

  • the best x

    Posted by getdownlo on Tue 09 Jun, 2009