Florence + the Machine

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Live dates

Date Sun 26 Jun, 2011
City East Lansing, MI
Country USA
Venue Spartan Stadium
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  • You can find the setlist of E Lansing here: http://www.setlist.fm/

    Posted by mpadawer on Sun 03 Jul, 2011

  • Does anyone have the set list for the E.Lansing show on June 26th? Flo + the Machine put on a storng opening for U2. My 69 year old father was impressed with Flo's voice and how tight the band was playing. Thanks to who ever can post the set list for the show!

    Posted by ForknSpoon on Wed 29 Jun, 2011

  • Please come to the Pacific Northwest: Portland, Oregon or Seattle, Washington. I am begging you. I've never heard such a beautiful voice as yours.

    Posted by fraumiau on Thu 21 Apr, 2011

  • Check ticketmaster.com ... central park june 24th is sold out but festival pier on the 20th may still have tickets available!!!! I got tickets to both shows can't wait to see her live :)

    Posted by candybar on Fri 15 Apr, 2011


    Posted by candybar on Fri 15 Apr, 2011

  • Florence please come to Philadelphia or NYC soon i love love love your music!!!!

    Posted by fan.flonthemac.91 on Sun 03 Apr, 2011

  • Houston is where her heart is at! Alll the way !

    Posted by tdog on Sun 13 Mar, 2011

  • Please come to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Wherever you may be at this moment. Think about it.

    Posted by Amanda123 on Fri 11 Mar, 2011

  • i cannot wait for my tax return! i need these tickets.

    Posted by jeani on Wed 09 Mar, 2011

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE your music come to New York...such a large fan base here. would love to see you live!!

    Posted by emilyskellington on Wed 09 Feb, 2011

  • ANY possible way on the green earth, that you could come to ANYWHERE in Virginia, we have a large fan base and a station that covers the state with your music, PLEASE????

    Posted by cherryc on Mon 07 Feb, 2011

  • Any chance you can continue the tour with U2 and come to Minneapolis, Minnesota? Heck, come here on your own. Guaranteed a soldout show! #1 song of 2010: http://minnesota.publicradio.org/radio/services/the_current/features/s pecials/top89/

    Posted by encobra42 on Fri 04 Feb, 2011

  • come to nuneaton! xxx

    Posted by ameliascupcake on Wed 26 Jan, 2011

  • PLEASE! come to Argentina :( it'd be the happiest day for me

    Posted by pabhlo on Mon 24 Jan, 2011

  • Come to Calgary, Alberta!!! :D

    Posted by momochanthepeach on Fri 14 Jan, 2011

  • Love your music!!! Can you PLEASE come to MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA to perform? Pretty please.

    Posted by ashalea on Wed 12 Jan, 2011

  • OMG! I'm going and am more excited than anything! OMG! OMG! I can't wait!!!

    Posted by BeccaBoo on Sun 09 Jan, 2011

  • CANT FREAKIN WAIT!!!! i was gonna have to build another Mayflower to get florence here but now SHES COMING!!! which is great because my boat building skills are waaay below par...and i cant build a jet to fly to europe either. dear God please let me reborn as a person from Britian so i don't have these issues. and i can walk to florence concerts.

    Posted by Annie32 on Fri 24 Dec, 2010

  • Flo is the support for u2 on their next US leg of the 360 tour for 3 dates; 26 June at East Lansing, 29 June at Miami and 2 July at Nashville.

    Posted by katie.l on Wed 27 Oct, 2010

  • The same thing happened to me. U2 popped up.

    Posted by kismet345 on Fri 22 Oct, 2010