Florence + the Machine

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Live dates

Date Fri 24 Jun, 2011
City New York, NY
Country USA
Venue Summer Stage
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  • I just saw Florence perform at the Summer Stage today and it was absolutely incredible. There were flowers everywhere and although it was raining a little bit, it made it all so uch better. It was just such a beautiful performance...I wish I could see a more legit concert! When is the next time she's playing at Terminal 5?

    Posted by _thats_a_bingo on Sat 25 Jun, 2011

  • yeah i cant purchase them! whats up with that?

    Posted by kotaalana on Fri 17 Jun, 2011

  • i keep trying to get tickets but it wont let me!!!! :(

    Posted by heavymyarms on Sun 12 Jun, 2011

  • I got tickets to go with my friend, aunt, and uncle for my birthday. I am so, so excited!

    Posted by AmazingGrace on Wed 25 May, 2011