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Vote For Flo In MTV's March Madness

Fri 11 Mar, 2011

Those fine people at MTV are once again running their own musical version of the NCAA March Madness tournament and the good news is that Florence has made the 2011 cut.

Flo joins 63 other acts "that matter most in rock" in competing for the March Madness trophy and she needs your vote to get through the first round.

She's up against Brandon Flowers in the West Division and all you need to do is head to the March Madness site now and tick the box for Flo.

It is pretty close at the moment so make sure you spread the word on Facebook and Twitter about voting while using the #MMM hashtag.

Voting closes on Sunday (March 20) and the eventual 'grand champion' will be unveiled on April 5, just like in the NCAA.

Click here to read a rundown of all the artists that are competing and the seedings they've been given.

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