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Check Out Cristina Adami's Stunning Stage Outfit

Check Out Cristina Adami's Stunning Stage Outfit

Fri 5 Nov, 2010

Last week we announced the winner of the Talenthouse competition to design Florence a stage outfit for her November 2nd New York show.

Cristina Adami's fabulous design was chosen from amongst the flood of entries and earlier this week Flo took to the stage at Terminal 5 to strut her stuff in her freshly-made threads.

Click on the picture below to view shots from the glittering evening including Cristina's meeting with Florence backstage at the venue.

Well done Cristina - fantastic work. We hope you enjoyed the evening.

Photos by Avital Aronowitz.

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  • she looks AMAZING IN anything GO FLO!!!

    Posted by herdreamwasLIBRA on Tue 16 Nov, 2010

  • Congratulations Adami, you done a fabulous job! And Flo, you looked absolutely stunning and beautiful!

    Posted by zacandthemachine on Thu 11 Nov, 2010

  • pretty much anything looks good on Flo, but i truly can't wait to see her on Saturday Night Live!!! yeah!! people who have never heard of her will be leave dumbfounded when they turn off their t.vs'!! oh! by the way.. PLZ COME TO CHICAGO MY BEST FRIEND AND I WOULD POSITIVELY COME TO SEE U!!

    Posted by herdreamwasLIBRA on Mon 08 Nov, 2010


    Posted by nannerpuss on Mon 08 Nov, 2010

  • please come do a newcastle show!

    Posted by i lov florence on Mon 08 Nov, 2010

  • As gutted as i am that i didnt win, this outfit really is amazing, and suites florence well. Congratulations :) xx

    Posted by yasminleiigh on Fri 05 Nov, 2010