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Halloween Flo Style

Halloween Flo Style

Tue 2 Nov, 2010

Wanna see how Florence celebrated this Halloween weekend? Of course, you do.

Head over to the Luv Luv Luv Records blog right now for a peep at the pics of Flo in her ghoulish Halloween finery.

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  • can you PLEASE collaborate with a clothes designer and bring out a fashion label for tall people it would be huge (literally)

    Posted by hanburt on Sun 14 Nov, 2010

  • Captivating! Loved everything about this show on Halloween. Thank you!

    Posted by tsnyder on Sun 07 Nov, 2010

  • Boston show was outstanding bythe way...pure genius

    Posted by kaustin on Fri 05 Nov, 2010

  • pleaseeeeeeeeee come back to Boston. I jsut tried so hard to get tic to the irving plaza, was going to drive down for the night and drive back after the show. It sucks that so many people have to buy tix just so they can mark up the cost by triple the amount, and the reall fans who actually want to go cant get the opportunity to buy tickets at face value....sucks real baddd :( I really wanted to go to that...I was going to drive the 4 hours and drive back at like 1am to boston and come2 work :(

    Posted by kaustin on Fri 05 Nov, 2010

  • cute pictures!

    Posted by i lov florence on Thu 04 Nov, 2010

  • The Halloween night show at the House of Blues in Boston was AMAZING!!! Florence makes a beautiful corpse, and her voice has never been better. She did an acoustic set earlier that day with the local radio station that was sponsoring the show. They will be airing it tonight (11/3) at 11 PM Eastern. Check it out at WFNX.com

    Posted by kevino on Thu 04 Nov, 2010

  • Wow! So dark and colourful at the same time! I wish I was there and could hear that haunting voice of charming "walking corpse"!

    Posted by BreatheNoMore on Wed 03 Nov, 2010

  • I am from Boston and was lucky enough to have been at the show. Flo, you were incredibly-fantastic-fun-time great!

    Posted by ack on Wed 03 Nov, 2010

  • hahahah cooliest costume:) ya shudda gone a s a pumkin tho lol

    Posted by renaibuchanan2 on Wed 03 Nov, 2010

  • A "Catrina" =) , November 2 is the Day of the Dead in Mexico and that costume is something traditional.

    Posted by Lof on Tue 02 Nov, 2010

  • Woah! Flo, you look amazing so creative

    Posted by freddie on Tue 02 Nov, 2010